Ticket Prices

Ticket Pricing

We get feedback about our pricing. Some think it is a bargain and others find it steep. We plan to provide patrons with amazing value, and pay the Artists who share their skills, process and information.

We celebrate textile artisans by valuing their “work”. Too often textile artist’s work is not considered work, despite the long hours, months even, that goes into producing a piece. True, they can sell the piece (maybe) but they never recover the time that went into it. And they are often asked to talk about or show their work for nothing.  Partly this is because making clothes and textiles was often perceived as women’s work and not worth much.  Partly, this is because skills and information that come from people from our own communities are often not valued as much as those from the urban “cultured” centres.  But we have amazing artists here. Our unique environment inspires great talent and we want to celebrate and uplift those who we live in this island paradise. And what an opportunity to get to know each other!

We are a small organizing group who want to build sustainability into what we do. We don’t get paid, beyond the occasional honorarium. We don’t want to rely on here today, gone tomorrow grants.  In addition, we simply don’t have the people to go after the grants and funding. We just want to make stuff and celebrate textiles and Makers.  We need your help to build our textile community. Hope you will come and celebrate these wonderful artists and makers with us.


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