Pieces Sponsorship Program

Pieces is a mixed media textile organization based in the Comox Valley. Pieces creates events and activities designed to link people who are engaged in ethical and slow cloth processes, production, promotion and business. Artisans businesses, makers and those that appreciate textiles but don’t necessarily produce them, are all part of Pieces.


Pieces events:
• Offer creative, artistic and intellectual investigation and celebration of all things textile.

• Offer textile artisans and makers a unique experience to network, to market their goods and services and to gather within a textile specific community.

• Attract locals, islanders and visitors to come to the Comox Valley to enjoy workshops, symposia, products and activities, with a potential for a great deal of spin off opportunities for local restaurants, cafes, pubs, wineries, farms, hotels, shops and other local tourist attractions.


We need your help to make this a great success!


Check out the following ways that you can help us. Send us any sponsorship inquiries by email  and we will get right back to you.
Staple Fibers – This is for sponsors who want to be a piece of Pieces!


You contribute $1000 or more. We share your logo on all of our printed and online promotional materials plus shout outs on social media for one year.
Material Matters – This is for sponsors who want to help us with a specific event or Series.


You contribute $500 or more, towards a particular event or Series and your logo goes on our promotional materials as well as on the pages of our website related to that event for one year.
Stitch in Time – This is for sponsors who want to contribute to our Eat Make Mend Series. We offer them roughly once a month at various food, drink, business and gallery locations.


For contributions of $50 or more, you will be the sponsor in our social media posts for a specific month and we will schedule a business promotion post where you provide the photos and content to let our followers know about your textile related business.



Patchwork – In-kind donations of printing, photocopying, raffle and prize items, demonstrations and display materials or other items for our events are very welcome.
Send us any sponsorship inquiries by email (info@piecescelebratingtextiles.com) and we will get right back to you.