Slow Fashion

“Slow fashion” coined in 2007 by Kate Fletcher (Centre for Sustainable Fashion, UK.) is antithetical to fast fashion. Fast fashion pumps out clothes at ever faster rates with; cheaper prices, poorer quality, increasing amounts of chemically derived fibers and massive amounts of waste and pollution. Slow fashion is both an ethos and practical approach to cloth production and clothing purchases that puts the art and heart back into the production process.


This ethos cultivates thought about what we buy, how much we buy, who we buy from, how long we wear it for, if we really need it, if it is made from fabrics which are heavily laden with chemicals and helps us to factor in the people who make the clothing. The slow fashion approach brings awareness to the treadmill of unconscious consumption and how that is filling our wardrobes with clothing that is quickly discarded.


More importantly slow fashion provides a wide variety of options to gradually or quickly, depending on your skills and budget, fill in your wardrobe with sustainable clothing options. Slow fashion also provides vast opportunity for textile artisans and makers to create prosperous textile businesses in order to fill what promises to be a large demand for sustainable clothing.


The following links point to a range of good articles and books that provide a deeper look at slow fashion in general:



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