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by  Barb Drew


Even though I have been sewing for over 40 years not every project has been a success.  No doubt due to my lack of patience,  among many other possible reasons.  Which is why there is so much joy over making something that is just right.  I believe in celebrating the small victories as well as the big ones.


Years ago I found what I thought was a beautifully embroidered cloth at a thrift shop.  Upon close inspection it looked handmade and I liked the colours chosen by that anonymous craftsperson.  Being a firm believer in getting as much of that hand work out into the light of day as possible, I used the cloth to drape over my sewing machine as a sort of dust protector whenever I put it to bed, so to speak.  But always in the back of my mind I was trying to devise a way to sew it into a proper sewing machine cover without having to chop it up and disturb that beautifully embroidered design.




Inspiration came inside a library book, where so many of my ideas originate.  (What a great resource, is our local public library!) This particular book, The Liberty Book of Simple  Sewing, pictured a sewing machine cover of a slightly different configuration than all the others I had seen.  In what seemed like very little time I had rooted through my fabric stash, found complementary fabrics (also all from the thrift) and began the process of putting it all together.


I made bias binding from the red polka dot cotton– something I love to do.  As well,  I used that fun fabric to line the inside of the cover and as an accent.  The blue and white striped fabric is a sturdy cotton of denim weight.  To  give the entire cover more heft and before sewing the sides onto the main piece,  I sandwiched some quilt batting between the outer and inner layers and had some fun stitching them together (quilting)  in a freeform pattern.


Now, whenever I put my sewing machine to rest, I love placing this new cover over it.  And when I am ready to begin sewing again, I just slip the cover over the back of my chair out of the way.

My definition of a successful sewing project;  it is useful, beautiful and it makes me smile.



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