Eat, Make, Mend


PIECES is back for 2017 with Eat, Make, Mend upstairs at the Bayside Cafe (used to be Serious Coffee) at our regular time, the last Sunday of the month. Join us Sunday, January 29th, Feb 26th & March 26th  1:00-3:00 .

This is a drop-in, no meeting, no fee, no sign-up gathering of people who are interested in any aspect of working with textiles. We are a casual,relaxed group and love to Show & Tell, bring projects to work on, ask others for help with mending, darning, sewing, knitting, and so on. There is a donation jar if you feel so inclined (money is used to help stock our goodie box.)

The goodie box! Wow! If you don’t have a project or are nervous to try a new technique – we have a box of tools and materials so you can get started immediately. Stuck for an idea? We have Idea Cards with various levels of complexity and a variety of “out there” for you to choose from. Whatever materials or Cards you decide to use are yours to take home.

PIECEMAKERS Lori Lachance and Barb Drew  will be upstairs at the Bayside to greet you.

Spread the word to anyone and everyone you know who is interested in textiles. Just show up to have a relaxing afternoon. Order a snack or drink. Get inspired. Work on a gift idea away from prying eyes at home. Meet new people. Ask for suggestions. Offer suggestions. Laugh.

For more information, email us:  info@piecescelebratingtextiles