Pieces is addressing the need to build sustainable, small enterprise on Vancouver Island through textiles.



We connect with the vast array of textile artisans and makers on Vancouver Island and in the surrounding regions to support the development of a low impact industry. We encourage, in particular, those artisans and makers that are engaged in Slow cloth, waste reducing processes while producing marketable goods.

Pieces  educates about slow cloth processes and the impact of fast fashion. We ask people to think about; what is in their closets,why was it made, how it was made, by whom and with what impact on the earth.

Pieces works actively to promote artisans and makers being paid fairly for the services and products they provide in our communities and globally.

Pieces is consciously inclusive of all fiber arts and people. We seek members from diverse backgrounds, cultures, ages, genders and abilities.

Pieces partners with local and regional organizations to develop textile related education and hands on opportunities. Pieces includes anyone with an interest in textiles. You don’t have to make anything to join us. You just need to be curious about textiles.

Pieces works to support Textile based businesses gain confidence and flourish through networking, collaborative training and educational opportunities.

aboutpagePieces produces a variety of small and larger events to attract locals, islanders and visitors to come to the gorgeous, lush growing region known as the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in Canada.

Join us for new and creative opportunities as well as the sheer pleasure of learning more about textiles and being immersed in experiences that are textile related.

Tell us about the textiles you worship!


Top photo courtesy of Barb Drew, One of our Planning Team members. She is one of our Barbs, the “What’s Barb making now?” one. Our other Barb is “Improv Quilter” Barb Mortell. Both Barbs keep us grounded in the making.